Beyond the Sunset By Perry Cotham


Beyond the Sunset By Perry Cotham


In the last moments of one's life on earth, there is a great difference between the man who can say, "The Lord is my Shepherd," and the man who says, "There is no God." 
--Perry B. Cotham

Beyond the Sunset is true to its title: immortality, heaven, hell, realm of the dead, judgment, resurrection, and many other aspects of afterlife leap from its pages. But what does the title not tell you? Perry Cotham refutes many related false doctrines: evolution-theory of man’s origin, purgatory, second chances, and the rapture.

There is abundant artillery in this book to combat cultish and denominational views regarding the soul, the second coming of Christ, and the realm of the dead. Beyond the Sunset is a must-read for any serious Bible student. 28 Chapters with questions, 404 pp.

  • Reader Comments for Beyond the Sunset:

    I anxiously awaited the publication of Beyond the Sunset! I commend it . . . I have known Perry B. Cotham for 65 years and worked in areas where he once preached. They love him! No person is more capable of writing about what lies Beyond the Sunset than Perry B. Cotham.

    Mack Lyon 
    Television Host, In Search of the Lord's Way

    Perry B. Cotham's numerous tracts and books have blessed many, but Beyond the Sunset is his crowning work! No work on the subject is its equal. I predict it will be a classic in Restoration literature for generations. I am happy to commend it!

    Rod Rutherford 

    Beyond the Sunset, a delightful title on the subject of eschatology . . . no paucity of Scripture cited, no scarcity of turns on the subject, no lack of insightful and relevant poems . . . Perry has provided a resource of study for independent thinkers.

    George F. Beals 
    Co-Director, Michigan Bible School 
    Sr. Technical Writer

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