Parents, Wake Up By J J Turner


Parents, Wake Up By J J Turner


''Parenting is not about the children. It is about the parents. That’s why we call it parenting, not childrening. This book is not designed to spoon-feed you. You must take time to think, dig into Scripture, and make applications.'' So says J. J. Turner, author of previous wake-up books, Shepherds, Wake Up!, Deacons, Wake Up!, Preachers, Wake Up!, Christians, Wake Up!, and Seven Ways to Wreck a Marriage. Dr. Turner’s two graduate degrees in the field of counseling more than qualify him to share solutions and preventions with parents: 
• Select one thing at a time as your goal. 
• Be a parent of the present—not the past or future. 
• Avoid the regret of “I wish I had.” 
• Realize that parenting success is not tied to possessions. 
• Accept parenting as marriage’s toughest assignment. 

12 Chapters. Interactive study with thought-provoking, life-changing questions.

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