Think Good by Jennifer Gerhardt ISBN 9781539904113


Think Good by Jennifer Gerhardt ISBN 9781539904113


Ever been irrationally convinced your kids would die in a freak accident? Ever thought to yourself, “I am the smartest person in this room. By far”? Ever considered cutting your wrists? Ever wrestled your thoughts for hours, unable to find focus or silence or order?

You’re not alone. And you’re not doomed.

Honest, practical, personal and remarkably relatable, Think Good is the book to help you fix your thoughts, yanking you free from the clutches of bad thinking-- anxiety, fear, guilt, despair, pride, self-loathing, lust, and the rest--and enabling the peace, freedom and joy you need.

Think Good is both a better way to think and a better what to think—a mindset and mind skill enabled only by the power of a God bigger than the dark thoughts we can’t shake on our own.

Chapters Include:
• Rogues, Ruffians, & Rascals (Everyone has bad thoughts. What are you going to do about them?)
• Out of Control (Neuroscience says you have less control over your thoughts than you think you do. If you're not in control, who is?)
• A Heart Divided (Ever feel a little bit schizophrenic? That's not so weird.)
• The Stronger Wolf (Which wolf is strongest? The one you feed.)
• Under Siege (Or how not to let the outside in)
• Taking Captives & Talking Back (You don't have to let you talk to you that way.)
• Such Things (On how to think good when things are bad)
• Hive Mind (Because sometimes we all need to calm down.)
• The Dangerous Allure of Time Travel (What Marty McFly and Jesus have to say about yesterday, tomorrow and today)
• How To Change Your Mind (Because you're always wrong about something)

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