The Begging Place By Becky Blackmon


The Begging Place By Becky Blackmon


Does prayer change things? What is the best way to pray? How can I teach my child to pray? Does God answer my call? 
13 Chapters. Questions.

  • Reader Comments for The Begging Place:

    I have been meaning to write for several months regarding The Begging Place.

    I was so thrilled to finally have The Begging Place. In fact, when my copy arrived, I just held it to my heart and cried because, I am one of the many of Becky's "little girls".

    The first time I read it thru very quickly, but since then I have reread many chapters over very slowly to help me overcome some very trying and hurtful times. To read it is to have Becky close to me reminding me to always turn to God, that He loves this little girl and will never desert her.

    The Begging Place is a wonderful addition to my personal library and I know that I will continue to pull it out time and again. Becky has truly written a book that will last thru the ages for women. I have 2 copies that I plan to pass down to my granddaughters, Kayla-age 8 and Kamryn-age 4 months.

    Thank you, Becky.

    -Judy Beckwith
    Fayetteville GA

    The Begging Place was a great book! It helped me focus on the need for intensity in my prayer life and reminded me how very blessed we are to have this connection with our Father.

    -Teah McWhorter
    Chula Vista Books
    Pell City, Alabama

    This book is so amazing! I am only half way through but it truly makes you stop and think. I have learned so much about prayer and my relationship to the Lord. I am so thankful I have such amazing women in my life that show me what a great relationship with God looks like. This book is a definite must read! 

    -Cyndi Godin

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