Sweet Truths By Cynthia Guy and Judi Dean


Sweet Truths By Cynthia Guy and Judi Dean


Chocolate is more than a tingle for your taste buds. Sweet similarities between chocolate and biblical principles deliver zingers you won’t soon forget. What keeps you from being sweet? Are you transforming? Just as you appreciate chocolate, so you share your Christian influence; you follow the Creator's directions; and you savor sweetness. These lessons burst with scripture in a memorable way! Sweet Truths is more than a spoonful of sugar. Tasty remedies for any woman's stressed life. Dig in! Class study or self-improvement. Chapter questions and activities.

  • Reader Comments for Sweet Truths:

    Cynthia and Judi had me at the word chocolate! I especially enjoyed the ''stirring sweetness'' and ''wrapping ideas'' with suggestions for group projects. I read the book in one sitting! 
          ~Rosemary McKnight

    ''O taste and see that the Lord is good'' (Psalm 34:8). Sweet Truths reminds us of the goodness of God’s admonitions and blessings to taste and share. 
         ~Laurel Sewell

    An exquisite blend of two loves: chocolate and truth. Chocolate undergoes a remarkable transformation from bitter to sweet—so must we. This book is motivational! 
         ~ Teresa Hampton

    These multi-talented authors are, above all, committed to the Lord. Listen carefully; their wisdom enables and enhances a closer walk with God. 
         ~Teddy Copeland

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