Impossible By Casandra Martin


Impossible By Casandra Martin


What is impossible with men is possible with God. —Luke 18:27 

What is your Impossible? We all have one. Something so big, so solid, so tangible that it defines who we are, how far we can go, and what we can do. Impossibles come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes our Impossibles are obvious. Others can see them and point them out. They become the labels that define our limits. Other times, our Impossibles hide in the recesses of our souls. They eat away at our peace, drain our joy, and steal our confidence. 

Jesus came to meet our Impossibles head on. That is the story of the Gospel of Luke. Time after time, person after person, teaching after teaching reveal the Possibles that God wants to unleash in your life, and the Impossibles that He is willing to challenge and dismantle in your heart. Your Impossibles are God's starting line. Your Impossibles don't have to define you, limit you, control you, or overwhelm you anymore. What is impossible with men is possible with God. 

Table of Contents: 
Lesson 1 — Nothing is Impossible 
Lesson 2 — Impossible Expectations 
Lesson 3 — Impossible Holiness 
Lesson 4 — Impossible Faith 
Lesson 5 — Impossible Transformation 
Lesson 6 — Impossible Peace 
Lesson 7 — Impossible Surrender 
Lesson 8 — Impossible Presence 
Lesson 9 — Impossible Grace 
Lesson 10 — Impossible Purpose 
Lesson 11 — Impossible Praise 
Lesson 12 — Impossible Perspective 
Lesson 13 — Impossible Joy 

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