Hope Island Rescue is Coming By Lori Boyd


Hope Island Rescue is Coming By Lori Boyd


A devastating shipwreck.
A remote island.
A final message…


And with those fear-crushing, hope-laden words, the survivors pull themselves up from the sand and begin to build.

What does a community built on hope look like? Not a wishful-thinking kind of hope the world offers, but the hope we read of in the Bible? Christian hope is defined as a "confident expectation" and "happy anticipation." It's a hope we have because we know we're going home—that rescue is coming.

Hope Island is a 13-chapter exploration of hope. Each lesson follows the lives of a group of island-stranded survivors far from home, each one confident of rescue. They overcome challenges, create opportunities, work together, and discover joy—all because of their hope. On Hope Island, you'll find more than a group of shipwrecked survivors—you'll discover the church.

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