A Chosen Few By Kathy Kendell


A Chosen Few By Kathy Kendell


Take the spiritual challenge to develop a childlike, eager-to-please attitude and simultaneously develop personal responsibility in this simple motivational study by Kathy Kendall, the daughter of Jane McWhorter.

Examine Bible characters but be mindful that Bible characteristics are the coveted take-homes from this book. The convicting strength of A Chosen Fewis nestled within extraordinary questions, enabling the reader to scrutinize her behavior so as to become a woman God can use. Individual or class study. 13 chapters. Questions.

  • Reader Comments for A Chosen Few:

    Janie Craun: In a day when the emphasis is often on becoming “powerful” women, Kathy McWhorter Kendall defines strength in its biblical context.

    Phyllis Green: A Chosen Few reminds us that to be a woman of God means to be used by God.

    Celine Sparks: With the confusion of the culture around us, it’s time for clarity. Kathy provides it by pointing us straight to the Word, the source of confidence and courage for women of God.

    Debra Wright: A Chosen Few is for women of all ages. And especially for older Christians to study with new Christians.

    Cindy Colley: If Christian women will take these lessons to hart, congregations will be better, stronger, more influential, and more evangelistic.

    Nancy Eichman: Probing questions are sure to prompt lively class discussion or introspective personal study to show us how we too can be among God’s chosen few.

    Rosemary McKnight: One of my favorite parts of this book is the prayer Kathy writes at the end of each lesson.

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