Some Of Jesus' Favorite Stories


Some Of Jesus' Favorite Stories

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Some of Jesus' Favorite Stories

A Study of Jesus' Parables

by Dan Winkler

Life Changing Studies from the Heart of Jesus

Table of Contents:

  1. The Sower: "The Most Important Parable of Them All"

  2. The Unforgiving Servant: "A Chance to Change the Past"

  3. The Good Samaritan: "The Makings of a 'Good' Person"

  4. The Rich Fool: "The Fool with a Fortune but No Future"

  5. The Barren Fig Tree: "Repent or Live to Regret It"

  6. The Great Supper: "Pride says, 'Excuse Me'"

  7. The Unfinished Tower & Prudent King: "Consumed by Christ"

  8. The Prodigal Son: "The Heart of Our Heavenly Father"

  9. The Rich Man and Lazarus (*excluded by some as a parable): "Seconds After I Say, 'Good-bye"

  10. The Persistent Widow: "The Power of Prayers and a God Who Cares"

  11. The Pharisee and Publican: "Religious but Far from Righteous"

  12. The Faithful Servant & Foolish Virgins: "What if There was No Tomorrow?"

  13. The Talents: "When We See Jesus"

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