Compassionate Creator by Bruce Morton ISBN 9780890989050


Compassionate Creator by Bruce Morton ISBN 9780890989050


Jesus’ birth and early years paint the portrait of the God who acts differently than we

expect. The young Nazarene brings us face-to-face with issues that require more than

reading a brief text message. Jesus’ story urges us to make sense of His uncommon birth

and life in light of first-century Roman and Jewish culture. His birth presses on us to

think about the unimaginable: Did the Creator of the universe come to a tiny blue dot in

the cosmos? Did God become human?

It is a story saturated with love and hope for many. It is also the story of a land caught

up in social, political, and spiritual struggle. The joyful birth of a tiny little boy contrasts

with the pressures that bear down on Joseph, Mary, and many others. They also pierce

Jesus’ life as He grows up. The Gospels of Matthew, Luke, and John beckon us to

consider our compassionate Creator in His world and by so doing dare to see our world

and ourselves more clearly.

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