Singers of FHU Volume 3-The Hardeman Boys


Singers of FHU Volume 3-The Hardeman Boys


Looking For A City (1982)

1. Sweet, Sweet Spirit

2. I Just Came to Praise the Lord

3 When I wake Up

4 Touring That City

5. Beulah Land

6 Love Lifted Me

& Turn Your Radio On

8. Excuses

9. Standing On the Solid Rock

10. To Canaan’s Land

11 Empty Mansion

12 Beautiful Home

13. Purer in Heart

14. Oh, Buddah

15 Oh, Listen to Our Wondrous Story

16. We Are God’s Children

17. Rise Again

Love Song for You

18. A Love Song for You

19. Love Lifted Me

20 When Love Calls You

21. Dig A Little Deeper in the Well

22 Another Dream Just Came True

23 Canaanland Is Just In Sight

24 All the Gold In California

25 What a Difference You’ve Made in My Life

26 Broken Lady

27 Statues Without Hearts

28 You’re the One in a Million

29 To Thee Our Dearest FHC

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