Basic Beliefs by Jack Lewis ISBN 9780890985311


Basic Beliefs by Jack Lewis ISBN 9780890985311


The legacy of churches of Christ in the United States at the turn of the century is one that is characterized by rapid change. Where we were once known as "a people of the Book," we have now begun blending into the biblical illiteracy of our culture. 

WARNING: This book will pull you into God's Word and challenge you to think. 

Basic Beliefs calls you back to the Bible. It encourages you to open your Bible and work on the fundamentals of your faith again. It guides you to engage your mind in a pursuit more noble than an NFL game or the latest reality television show or the feel-good religious read of the month. Be forewarned. This book will require your thought and your attention. It will biblically challenge many current trends and practices. It will draw you into God's truth. God's truth will make you a healthier Christian. Healthier Christians make a healthier church. It all starts with the fundamentals, the Basic Beliefs

Table of Contents: 
LESSON 1 Belief in God 
LESSON 2 The Doctrine of Creation 
LESSON 3 Revelation 
LESSON 4 The One God 
LESSON 5 Belief in Scripture 
LESSON 6 Biblical Interpretation 
LESSON 7 The Nature of People 
LESSON 8 The Obligation of Obedience 
LESSON 9 The Concept of Sin 
LESSON 10 Grace (Part 1) 
LESSON 11 Grace (Part2) 
LESSON 12 Faith 
LESSON 13 Repentance 
LESSON 14 Confession 
LESSON 15 Baptism 
LESSON 16 Forgiveness 
LESSON 17 The Holy Spirit (Part 1) 
LESSON 18 The Holy Spirit (Part 2) 
LESSON 19 Biblical Authority 
LESSON 20 A Cappella Singing 
LESSON 21 Fellowship 
LESSON 22 Fasting 
LESSON 23 The Election of Israel 
LESSON 24 The Land 
LESSON 25 The Lord's Supper 
LESSON 26 The Day of Worship 
LESSON 27 God Since Creation 
LESSON 28 The Messiah 
LESSON 29 The Church 
LESSON 30 The Perseverance of the Saints 
LESSON 31 The Second Coming 
LESSON 32 Resurrection 
LESSON 33 Day of Judgment 
LESSON 34 Heaven 

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