Flex: The Gospel Of John (Part 2)


Flex: The Gospel Of John (Part 2)


Reading the last part of John's Gospel (chapters 12-21) is like watching a train barrel down the tracks toward a washed out bridge. The reader gets the clear sense that this story can't end well. The unlearned might think they've reached the dreaded end on the day that Jesus is crucified. But the climax is yet to come. Jesus conquers death and the grave, and provides a way for His followers to do the same. 

Philip Eichman shines the spotlight squarely on Jesus and the amazing power of God. New Bible students and the experienced alike will be drawn toward a stronger belief in the person and power of Jesus Christ. 

Table of Contents: 
  1. The Coming of the King 
  2. The Hour Has Come 
  3. The True Servant 
  4. The Way to the Father 
  5. The Vine and Branches 
  6. The Coming Helper 
  7. The Prayer of Jesus 
  8. The Opponents of Jesus Take Action 
  9. The Sentence of Death 
10. The Death of a King 
11. The Tomb Was Empty 
12. The Risen Lord 
13. The Lord's Breakfast 

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