Flex: The Church Of Christ In The 21st Century


Flex: The Church Of Christ In The 21st Century


It has been almost 2,000 years since Jesus established His church and now there are hundreds of varieties of churches in the United States alone. How do we know if we’ve chosen the right one? How can we know we’re on the right track?

Mark Adams takes us to the ultimate authority, the Bible, and holds up the example of the first century church as our guideline for the church today. He examines its mission, its leadership, its service, and its worship. He not only points out the patterns of the original, but also helps us discover the true meanings behind God’s plan for His church. Your life will be transformed when you are able to get beyond going to church and can start being the church of the 21st century.

13 lessons 

Table of Contents:
1. A King and a Kingdom
2. Servants of the King
3. The One True Kingdom
4. Joining the Body
5. Shepherds of the Flock
6. Servants of the Flock
7. Keeping Our Focus: Lord’s Supper
8. Expressing Our Purpose: Singing
9. Refreshing Our Vision: The Word
10. Knowing Our Father: Prayer
11. Committing Our Lives: Giving
12. Service: Embodying the Message of God
13. Evangelism: Spreading the Message of God 

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