Flex: The Bible (Its Origin, Preservation and Impact)


Flex: The Bible (Its Origin, Preservation and Impact)


In His wisdom, God provided us with a clear path of His expectations for us. He oversaw and guided the process of the formation of His written instructions and encouragements for us. This process resulted in the sixty-six books of the Bible as we know them today. 

Mark Adams offers a guided tour of the Bible's unique history from its inspired creation to its preservation and translation. He makes a compelling case for the accuracy and reliability of the Bible, and helps us appreciate the life-changing power of the Word of God. 

Table of Contents: 
  1. A Message From God 
  2. Writing in the Ancient World 
  3. Transmitting the Text 
  4. Old Testament Manuscripts 
  5. An Ancient Old Testament Translation 
  6. The Forming of the Canon 
  7. New Testament Manuscripts 
  8. Ancient New Testament Translations 
  9. Translation Under Persecution 
10. The King James Bible 
11. When Texts Say Different Things 
12. Challenges for Translators 
13. The Bible As We Have It 

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