Flex: Moses And The Old Law


Flex: Moses And The Old Law


Moses is a towering figure in Jewish history. Remembered for the plagues of Egypt, leading the exodus of the Israelites, and for the Law he brought from God to the children of Israel. That collection of commandments is sometimes called the Law of Moses, and Jewish people followed that Law for centuries. 

Even Jesus, His apostles, and the earliest Christians followed the Law of Moses. Since Jesus' death and resurrection, the Law of Moses is no longer binding. We can learn much, though, from the Law of Moses that will aid in our understanding of the New Testament. 

FLEX Adult Bible Study Electives 
•  Written by faithful members of the Lord's church 
•  Undated for your flexible use 
•  Variety of studies — textual, topical, Old Testament, New Testament 
•  New studies continue to be added 
•  Suitable for lecture, small group, or individual study 

Table of Contents: 
  1. God Chooses Moses to Deliver His People (Exodus 3:10) 
  2. Moses and the Plagues of Egypt (Exodus 12:33) 
  3. The Ten Commandments and the Covenant (Exodus 19:5) 
  4. Mount Sinai and the Golden Calf (Exodus 32:1) 
  5. Priests and Levites (Exodus 28:1) 
  6. Sacrifices and Offerings (Leviticus 1:2) 
  7. The Tabernacle (Exodus 25:8) 
  8. Clean and Unclean (Leviticus 11:44) 
  9. The Passover (Exodus 12:14) 
  10. The Day of Atonement (Leviticus 16:30) 
  11. The Sabbath and Other Special Days (Leviticus 23:2) 
  12. The Law and Everyday Living (Leviticus 19:2) 
  13. Jesus and the Law of Moses (Matthew 5:17) 

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