Flex: Marriage: A Blessed Promise


Flex: Marriage: A Blessed Promise


A happy marriage is a moving target. Every time you think you have things figured out, circumstances change, throwing relationships out of kilter. There are fresh challenges for every life stage and the need to constantly retool as we go. 

Danny Camp offers practical, biblical insights to help couples keep their marriages on track. He uses his training as a counselor and minister of God's Word to offer sound advice to those who choose to keep their marriages alive, vibrant, and strong through the challenges of our 21st century lifestyle. 

Table of Contents: 
  1. Is What You See Really What You Get? 
  2. Not Just Loved—Cherished! 
  3. The Power of Play 
  4. Interrupted 
  5. I Love You in 140 Characters or Less 
  6. Great Expectations! 
  8. Lines in the Sand 
  9. The 'Hot' Light Is On 
 10. That Dirty Little 'S' Word 
 11. Can't Buy Me Love 
 12. Forgive and Forget? 
 13. Till Death Do Us Part: A Blessed Promise 

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