Flex: Living A Life That Matters Part 2 (New for 2018)


Flex: Living A Life That Matters Part 2 (New for 2018)


We all long for lives that matter. We want to make a difference in this world. We want to leave a legacy for our children and grandchildren. We desire to hand down a heritage of faith in our churches. But most of us don't know where to start. God's Word is always the place to start because it's full of practical teaching on how to live lives of influence. 

In this follow-up to Living a Life That Matters, authors Glenn Newton and Philip Goad share the stories of lives that mattered. As you'll find in this study, you don't have to have a household name to make a difference; you just have to be willing. 

FLEX Adult Bible Study Electives 
•  Written by faithful members of the Lord's church 
•  Undated for your flexible use 
•  Variety of studies — textual, topical, Old Testament, New Testament 
•  New studies continue to be added 
•  Suitable for lecture, small group, or individual study 

Table of Contents: 
  1. Living Patiently — Job (P. Goad) 
  2. Living Mercifully — Joseph (G. Newton) 
  3. Living Faithfully — Hannah (G. Newton) 
  4. Living Heroically — Jonathan (G. Newton) 
  5. Living Quietly — David (P. Goad) 
  6. Living Completely — King Asa (P. Goad) 
  7. Living Unwaveringly — King Josiah (G. Newton) 
  8. Living Missionally — The Woman at the Well (P. Goad) 
  9. Living Discerningly — Mary (G. Newton) 
10. Living Honestly — Zaccheus (P. Goad) 
11. Living Charitably — Dorcas (G. Newton) 
12. Living Selflessly — Barnabas (P. Goad) 
13. Living Prosperously — Gaius (P. Goad and G. Newton) 

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