Flex: Living A Life That Matters


Flex: Living A Life That Matters


Cable television mogul, Ted Turner, was once asked in an interview to reflect on the millions of dollars he had made through his shrewd business deals. He replied sadly, “It’s an empty bag.” 

The writer of Philippians tells us to be “anxious for nothing.” This may be one of the most difficult passages in all of Scripture. We live in a day and age when everyone seems to be “on edge.” Even in many churches, we just seem on edge, afraid to do anything, and afraid the things that are being done might not be the right things. It’s a tough time to attempt to be “anxious for nothing.” As a result, many people are turning to things of the world to try to ease the angst. The problem with these things is that, according to Ecclesiastes 1:1, they are meaningless. And the stark truth is that if we invest our time in meaningless things, our lives will not have true meaning. 

Glenn Newton offers insights from Psalms, Proverbs, and Ecclesiastes that guide us toward a life that will really matter. What attitudes do we need to develop? What actions do we need to take? What habits do we need to engrain? A partnership with God now will equip us for a life that matters — both now and for eternity. 

Table of Contents:
1. Living a Life that Matters
2. Living Virtuously
3. Living Courageously
4. Living Sacrificially
5. Living Joyfully
6. Living Graciously
7. Living Reverently
8. Living Triumphantly
9. Living Trustfully
10. Living Humbly
11. Living Wisely
12. Living Generously
13. Living Expeditiously 

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