Flex: Holy God, Holy People


Flex: Holy God, Holy People


As a NASA engineer for 31 years, Mike O’Neal helped our nation explore outer space. Now, as a minister of the gospel and teacher, he helps us explore the inner world of the Holy Spirit. Along the way, our focus on God will become sharper, our appreciation of His holy workers will become deeper, and our inner, spiritual life will be drawn into the gravitational pull of our Holy God. Don’t settle for a shallow, outward manifestation of holiness. Explore the depths of God’s holiness and grow to be more like Him. 

Table of Contents:
1. Why Study About Holiness?
2. No One Is Like Him!
3. One Hundred Percent Pure
4. Jesus and the Holy Spirit
5. Holy Ones
6. The Onset of Holiness
7. A Lifelong Progression
8. The Goal of Holiness
9. Holiness and the Spirit’s Role (Part 1)
10. Holiness and the Spirit’s Role (Part 2)
11. Holiness and Our Role
12. The Holy Church
13. The Ultimate Expression of Holiness 

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