Flex: Go! (The "Go" Statements of Jesus


Flex: Go! (The "Go" Statements of Jesus


Christianity was never intended to be a passive, spectator religion. It requires action and involvement from all of its members. Jesus made this perfectly clear throughout the four Gospel accounts of His earthly ministry. He repeatedly instructed His followers, and potential followers, to 'Go!' 

Glenn Newton has collected these 'Go' instructions of Jesus into thirteen lessons that will help motivate you to meaningful, kingdom-building, Christ-following actions. Don't settle for good intentions and the sidelines of the church. You've been called to 'Go!' 

Table of Contents: 
 1. Go Into All the World 
 2. Go Where I Go 
 3. Go Further Than Expected 
 4. Go Share Your Story 
 5. Go Show Compassion 
 6. Go to the Lost Sheep 
 7. Go in Peace 
 8. Go and Proclaim the Kingdom of God 
 9. Go to the Undesirables 
10. Go Sell Your Possessions 
11. Go the Way 
12. Go to My Brethren 
13. Go Make Disciples 

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