Flex: Connecting With The Psalms (New for 2018)


Flex: Connecting With The Psalms (New for 2018)


The Psalms come from a different time and culture. Because they were originally written as poetry, the language and literary style of the Psalms often make them a little more difficult to understand. 

In this study, Phillip Eichman explores several examples from the book of Psalms, some of them well-known and others less familiar so that readers will be able to "connect" with them by looking at some of the historical background and the style of writing. As you work through the study, you'll look for ways to apply the Psalms to your life today. 

FLEX Adult Bible Study Electives 
•  Written by faithful members of the Lord's church 
•  Undated for your flexible use 
•  Variety of studies — textual, topical, Old Testament, New Testament 
•  New studies continue to be added 
•  Suitable for lecture, small group, or individual study 

Table of Contents: 
  1. What Is a Psalm? (Psalm 1:1-6) 
  2. What Is God Like? (Psalm 23:1-6; 18:1-6) 
  3. This Is My Father's World (Psalm 19:1-6; 33:1-9; 65:9-13) 
  4. He Knows All About Me (Psalm 139:1-24) 
  5. I Have Sinned (Psalm 51:1-19) 
  6. Safe and Secure (Psalm 46:1-11) 
  7. Why Me, Lord? (Psalm 13:1-6; 73:1-20) 
  8. Both Trust and Fear? (Psalm 25:1-22) 
  9. Thank You, Lord for Healing Me (Psalm 30:1-12) 
10. Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! (Psalm 147:1-20) 
11. Psalms for the Road (Psalm 121:1-8; 122:1-9; 126:1-6; 133:1-3) 
12. A Little Lower Than the Angels (Psalm 8:1-9) 
13. The Anointed One (Psalm 2:1-2; 22:1-8, 14-18; 16:8-10) 

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