Flex: Certain Hope For Uncertain Times, A Study of I Peter


Flex: Certain Hope For Uncertain Times, A Study of I Peter


As the early church penetrated the Roman Empire, it created uncertainty and instability for many of its followers. Christianity and Roman life often found themselves at odds with each other. The clash of the cultures produced hardships and sometimes bloodshed for the Christians who chose to remain faithful to Christ.

Glenn Newton (author of four previous FLEX studies) writes in a style that makes learning easy and enjoyable. His insights will give valuable guidance for Christian living in an increasingly pagan culture. 

FLEX Adult Bible Study Electives 
•  Written by faithful members of the Lord's church 
•  Undated for your flexible use 
•  Variety of studies — textual, topical, Old Testament, New Testament 
•  New studies continue to be added 
•  Suitable for lecture, small group, or individual study 

Table of Contents: 
  1. Peter: An Apostle of Hope (I Peter 1:1-2) 
  2. Hope and Heaven (I Peter 1:3-5) 
  3. Devotion and Distress (I Peter 1:6-12) 
  4. Holiness and Obedience (I Peter 1:13-2:3) 
  5. Darkness and Light (I Peter 2:4-2:12) 
  6. Faith and Politics (I Peter 2:13-25) 
  7. Husbands and Wives (I Peter 3:1-7) 
  8. Suffering and Salvation (I Peter 3:8-22) 
  9. Persecution and Purpose (I Peter 4:1-11) 
10. Sorrow and Joy (I Peter 4:12-19) 
11. Shepherds and Sheep (I Peter 5:1-5) 
12. God and Satan (I Peter 5:6-11) 
13. Encouragement and Peace (I Peter 5:12-14) 

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