Flex: Decisions Of Discipleship (A Study of Mark)


Flex: Decisions Of Discipleship (A Study of Mark)


Mark's Gospel offers us the most succinct account of the life of Jesus. He quickly moves from one encounter to the next with a minimum of detail. 

Wil Perkins skillfully explores the Gospel of Mark from the standpoint of discipleship. Jesus was on a search for true disciples. That search continues today as we have our own encounters with Jesus through His Word and the circumstances that unfold before us. We are each challenged to be true disciples who follow Him and grow in His likeness. 

Table of Contents: 
  1. Faith or Fear 
  2. Acceptance or Rejection 
  3. Hope or Despair 
  4. Confidence or Timidity 
  5. Half-Full or Half-Empty 
  6. Inward or Outward 
  7. Trust or Belief 
  8. Dependence or Independence 
  9. Win or Lose 
 10. Rewards or Riches 
 11. Praise or Noise 
 12. Danger or Denial 
 13. Conviction or Release 

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