The Be Careful Workbook by Willard Conchin


The Be Careful Workbook by Willard Conchin


Being a Christian involves every phase of our lives. It is therefore important that we keep the Lord in all we do: in business, in sports; in social life; when we are in the presence of others; when we are alone; when all seems well with us; when our road seems especially rough; and even when we are ecstatic with happiness. The principles of good living must always be present, whether in work or play.

The author hopes the reminders found in this workbook will help all who use it to live a more careful life, so that when the record kept in heaven is opened, there will be no regrets.

The scriptures used in the workbook come from the King James Version.

Lesson 1: Be Careful What You Say, 1
Lesson 2: Be Careful What You Think, 7
Lesson 3: Be Careful How You Walk, 12
Lesson 4: Be Careful Where You Go, 19
Lesson 5: Be Careful When Making Your Choices, 24
Lesson 6: Be Careful How You Run, 31
Lesson 7: Be Careful How You Use the Scriptures, 37
Lesson 8: Be Careful What You Sow 43
Lesson 9: Be Careful About Jumping to Conclusions, 48
Lesson 10: Be Careful About Your Attitude, 55
Lesson 11: Be Careful What You Leave Behind, 62
Lesson 12: Be Careful to Maintain Good Works, 68

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