Some Lessons We Should Learn by Willard Conchin


Some Lessons We Should Learn by Willard Conchin


This workbook is designed to stimulate interest in Christian principles and positive thinking. It is written with the hope that it may help Christian people to see how far they have come and how far they have yet to go. 

As is true of the other workbooks, this one is based on the King James Version. 

Lesson 1: We Should Learn to Be Content with the Things We Already Have 5
Lesson 2: We Should Learn to Think Before We Speak 9
Lesson 3: We Should Learn to Listen 14
Lesson 4: 19
Lesson 5: We Should Learn Not to Think of Men Above That Which Is Written 25
Lesson 6: We Should Learn to Live Day by Day by Faith 30
Lesson 7: We Should Learn That Even Christians Get Chigger Bites, Mosquito Bites, and Poison Ivy 35
Lesson 8: We Should Learn That a Person, Once Offended, May Never Be Won Again 39
Lesson 9: We Should Learn to Respect Authority 44
Lesson 10: We Should Learn to Be Patient in Suffering 51
Lesson 11: We Should Learn to Examine Ourselves 58
Lesson 12: We Should Learn That Greatness Lies in Humility and Service 62

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