Pondering Precious Proverbs by Willard Conchin


Pondering Precious Proverbs by Willard Conchin


These lessons, based on the King James Version, are published with the hope that those who study them will come to appreciate the truths spoken by one who chose wisdom above everything else in the whole world, and that through meditation on these truths, they themselves will be more able to choose wisely in the every-day decisions that must be made. 

Lesson 1: "There Is A Friend That Sticketh
Closer Than a Brother" 5
Lesson 2: "Death and Life Are in the Power of the Tongue" 11
Lesson 3: Wisdom Chooses Better Things 19
Lesson 4: Little Creatures Make Great Teachers 24
Lesson 5: The God Who Loves Also Hates 30
Lesson 6: Some Keys To Spiritual Growth and Maturity 38
Lesson 7: What the Wise Man Said About Wisdom 43
Lesson 8: "Keep Thy Heart With All Diligence" 49
Lesson 9: If You Fall, Get Up and Try Again 55 
Lesson 10: "A Good Name Is Rather to Be Chosen Than Great Riches" 61
Lesson 11: "There Is a Way That Seemeth Right" 67
Lesson 12: Abominations in God's Sight 72
Lesson 13: "Behold, A Greater Than Solomon Is Here" 79
Lesson 14: Crossword Puzzle 84

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