I Can Do It by Willard Conchin


I Can Do It by Willard Conchin


The lessons in this workbook, designed especially for young people and adults, are written to convince the student that every Christian can do many things for Christ, that nobody has been left out, and therefore that every Christian has individual responsibilities to God.

Though the workbook has only 13 lessons, each lesson is long enough to be divided into two or more class meetings. Besides the many scriptures used, there are numerous quotations, poems, and clippings from many sources to broaden the student's concept of the subject.

Lesson Titles:

  • Lesson 1: Introductory Remarks; I Can Be Informed About the Word of God

  • Lesson 2: I Can Have and Maintain a Good Name

  • Lesson 3: I Can Face Life's Problems and Heartaches With Courage and Resolve

  • Lesson 4: I Can Button My Lip and Quench a Great Fire

  • Lesson 5: I Can Make Wise Use of My Time

  • Lesson 6: I Can Profit From My Own Mistakes and From the Mistakes of Others

  • Lesson 7: I Can Be Open Minded and Willing to Learn

  • Lesson 8: I Can Develop and Maintain Self-Control

  • Lesson 9: I Can Be a Worker and a Co-Worker

  • Lesson 10: I Can Get the Beam Out of My Own Eye

  • Lesson 11: I Can Be Happy in a World of Sorrow

  • Lesson 12: I Can Stop Making Excuses and Start Facing the Truth

  • Lesson 13: I Can Be a Good Example

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