Egermeier's Fun Family Devotions


Egermeier's Fun Family Devotions


With Egermeier's® Fun Family Devotions, your entire family canread and enjoy the Bible in a fun atmosphere. You'll enjoy spending time studying the Bible, learning and growing together spiritually. Whether you're already family devotional pros, just starting out or completely overwhelmed by the thought of leading devotions with your family, the step-by-step approach to each lesson in this book will make the process simple.

This guide contains 52 lessons from the Old Testament that directly correlate with Egermeier's® Bible Story Book. Each lesson includes Scripture references, background information, and questions for parents to consider including during devotion time. Following each lesson are creative, engaging activities for both preschoolers and older children that reinforce the story and can be done with simple objects you probably have around the house already.

With Egermeier's® Fun Family Devotions, studying the Bible together will be an experience your entire family will treasure for years to come.

  • Companion piece to Egermeier's® Bible Story Book

  • Helps families study the Bible and grow together spiritually

  • Written from a non-denominational viewpoint

  • 52 lessons from the Old Testament

  • Each lesson refers to Bible story by name and includes scripture reference

  • Lessons include background information about the story, questions to consider, an activity for preschoolers and an activity for older children

  • Activities use resources most families would already have around the house

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