God's Love Story CAN NOT BE IMPRINTED ISBN 9780890989258


God's Love Story CAN NOT BE IMPRINTED ISBN 9780890989258


CAN NOT BE IMPRINTED God's Love Story provides a broad overview of the Bible to help you grasp the story of God's plan for mankind — from beginning to end — in God's own words. 

• Presented in chronological order for easier understanding 
• Brief transitional statements (in italics) to aid in comprehension
• Book, chapter, and verse markings removed so it reads like a novel 
• Great for individual, class, small group, or congregational study
• Study Guides for Elementary, Teen, and Adult age levels will be available at a later date 

Discover God's great love for you! 

Also available in a Large Print Edition 

Table of Contents 
  1 The Beginning 
  2 The Seed of a Nation 
  3 Dreams and Deliverance 
  4 Israel in Bondage 
  5 Out of Egypt 
  6 The Covenant 
  7 Desert Wanderings 
  8 Preparing for Conquest 
  9 Finally Home 
10 Before the Kings 
11 Your God, My God 
12 Great Prophet, Disobedient King 
13 The Anointed Shepherd 
14 Broken Glory 
15 The Psalms 
16 Wisdom and Prosperity 
17 A Nation Divided 
18 The Final Downfall 
19 The Trials of Job 
20 I Desire Mercy 
21 Warnings in Prosperity 
22 Strange Prophesies in Exotic Lands 
23 Return from Captivity 
24 A Queen's Deliverance 
25 Birth of a Savior 
26 Everlasting Truths, Changed Lives 
27 The Master Teacher 
28 Training and Scolding 
29 Boldness and Power 
30 In The Shadows 
31 The Empty Tomb 
32 The New Beginning 
33 Hitting the Road 
34 Supporting Young Churches 
35 The Path to Destiny 
36 Freedom in Chains 
37 That Which We Have Touched 
38 Words of Encouragement 
39 Victorious In The End 
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